Steps for getting started with the Defined Public API Websockets.


The easiest way to use websockets on Defined is with our SDK

Websocket API Url: realtime-api.defined.fi/graphql


Create a connection by sending a request to wss://realtime-api.defined.fi/graphql

This request must have the header Authorization: <MY_KEY> set. It will authorize your connection to the API, and no further authorization parameters are required on any subscription within this connection.


Send a message to subscribe to a new topic.

See examples on how to subscribe using graphql-ws. To subscribe to an update, use the following format. Replace <MY_KEY> with your API key (required both for connecting and subscribing). Note: id can be anything you want.

  "id": "my_subscription",
  "query": "subscription OnBarsUpdated($pairId: String!) { onBarsUpdated(pairId: $pairId) { pairAddress timestamp networkId } }",
  "variables": { "pairId": "0x88e6a0c2ddd26feeb64f039a2c41296fcb3f5640:1" },
  "operationName": "OnBarsUpdated"

Example using Browser WebSocket

const DEFINED_API_KEY = "";

const webSocket = new WebSocket(

webSocket.onopen = () => {
      "type": "connection_init",
      "payload": {
        "Authorization": DEFINED_API_KEY

webSocket.onmessage = (event) => {
  const data = JSON.parse(event.data)
  if (data.type === "connection_ack") {
          id: "my_id",
          type: "subscribe",
          payload: {
            "variables": {
              "id": "0x28b3d0d4b39fefd3008500b57a1357a87573ada3:1",
              "quoteToken": "token0"
            "extensions": {},
            "operationName": "CreateEvents",
            "query": "subscription CreateEvents($id: String, $quoteToken: QuoteToken) {\n  onEventsCreated(id: $id, quoteToken: $quoteToken) {\n    address\n    id\n    networkId\n    events {\n      address\n      baseTokenPrice\n      blockNumber\n      eventDisplayType\n      eventType\n      id\n      liquidityToken\n      logIndex\n      maker\n      timestamp\n      token0ValueBase\n      token1ValueBase\n      transactionHash\n      transactionIndex\n      quoteToken\n      labels {\n        sandwich {\n          label\n          sandwichType\n          token0DrainedAmount\n          token1DrainedAmount\n          __typename\n        }\n        __typename\n      }\n      data {\n        __typename\n        ... on BurnEventData {\n          amount0\n          amount1\n          amount0Shifted\n          amount1Shifted\n          type\n          __typename\n        }\n        ... on MintEventData {\n          amount0\n          amount1\n          amount0Shifted\n          amount1Shifted\n          type\n          __typename\n        }\n        ... on SwapEventData {\n          amount0In\n          amount0Out\n          amount1In\n          amount1Out\n          amount0\n          amount1\n          amountNonLiquidityToken\n          priceUsd\n          priceUsdTotal\n          priceBaseToken\n          priceBaseTokenTotal\n          type\n          __typename\n        }\n      }\n      __typename\n    }\n    __typename\n  }\n}"
  } else {
    console.log("message", data);

Example to unsubscribe from an event graphql-ws

// Function to unsubscribe from the subscription and close the event
function unsubscribeEvent(id) {
  // Send the 'complete' message with the specified id to close the event
  ws.send(JSON.stringify({ type: 'complete', id: id }));

More examples coming soon. In the meantime, check out how to interact with a graphql-ws powered server in their documentation and recipes here: https://the-guild.dev/graphql/ws/get-started


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