Welcome to the Defined API docs.

This API provides accurate, enriched, real-time and historical blockchain data. You can retrieve enhanced data, including USD pricing, real-time aggregates and much more.

This API powers the Defined Charting Tools. You can build everything you see on there and more with the endpoints in these docs.

Here are a few notable groups of endpoints to get you started:

List all networks supported on Defined or check on a network's status.

Get metadata, prices, events, detailed stats, or search and filter through the 1.5M+ tokens listed on Defined.

Get collection/asset metadata, events, detailed stats, or search through the 420M+ NFTs listed on Defined.

Get alerted when anything happens on-chain. (Available for enterprise users only)

Handy when you want to see the detailed set of GraphQL types and fields that are available for an endpoint you're building with.


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