Filter NFT Collections

Returns a list of NFT collection based on a variety of filters.

Endpoint: filterNftCollections

Method: POST



A list of collection contract addresses or IDs (address:networkId) to filter by.


A set of filters to apply.


The maximum number of NFT collections to return.


Where in the list the server should start when returning items. Use count+offset from the previous query to request the next page of results.


A phrase to search for. Can match a collection contract address or ID (address:networkId).


A list of ranking attributes to apply.


countIntThe number of NFT collections returned.
offsetIntWhere in the list the server started when returning items.
results[NftCollectionFilterResult]The list of NFT collections matching the filter parameters.

addressStringThe contract address of the NFT collection.
ercTypeStringThe token standard. Can be a variation of ERC-721 or ERC-1155.
groupingStringThe marketplace address or all. Can be used to get marketplace-specific metrics.
idStringThe ID of the NFT collection (address:networkId).
imageUrlStringThe image URL for the collection or one of the assets within the collection.
lastEventTimestampIntThe unix timestamp for the last event.
nameStringThe name of the NFT collection.
networkIdIntThe network ID the NFT collection is deployed on.
stats1hNftStatsWindowWithChangeStats for the past hour.
stats4hNftStatsWindowWithChangeStats for the past 4 hours.
stats12hNftStatsWindowWithChangeStats for the past 12 hours.
stats24hNftStatsWindowWithChangeStats for the past 24 hours.
symbolStringThe symbol of the NFT collection.
timestampIntThe unix timestamp indicating the last time the data was updated. Updates daily.
totalSupplyStringThe total supply of the NFT collection.



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