Telegram and Discord bot commands


Telegram: Just add @defined_bot to any channel. You can also DM it without adding it to a channel.

Discord: Add the bot to your server.

Telegram and Discord Features

Token search

Search for a token symbol, we will return the result with the most liquidity...

/i <symbol | address> [network]


/i looks

or search for a contract address:

/i 0xf4d2...92421e

you can also narrow down the results per network:

/i looks eth


Use shortcuts to quickly get specific token prices with a single command. Create as many shortcuts as you want to let your community easily access the most requested prices.

/shortcut <trigger> <symbol | address> [network]


/shortcut price 0xf4d2...92421e eth

Once a shortcut is created your community can easily request the most up-to-date price with one simple command:


Anyone can use a shortcut, but only admins can create them

NFT stats

Search for a collection name or symbol:

/nft <name or address> [network] [time-period]


/nft bayc

or a full collection name wrapped in quotes:

/nft "bored ape yacht club" eth

you can also specify a timeframe to return results for:

/nft bayc 4h

Time period can beΒ 30d, 7d, 1d (or 24h), 12h, 4h, 1h.

Telegram Only Features


Displays a chart of the selected token.

/c <symbol or address> [network] [interval] [theme] - Fetches a candle chart for the best matched token.

Time period can be: 1m, 5m, 15m, 1h, 4h, 1d, 7d
Valid themes: light, dark


/c 0x1d42064fc4beb5f8aaf85f4617ae8b3b5b8bd801 eth
/c uni 5m light


/track <label> <address> - Tracks all transactions for a wallet address
/track stop <label or address> - Stops tracking a wallet address
/track list - Lists all tracked addresses


/track whale 0x5472356f1de00bca5d729cfb6419c44b8d4488ab
/track stop whale


/trending [network] [period] - Fetches a list of trending tokens.

Valid periods: 1h, 4h, 12h, 1d


/trending eth 4h
/trending 4h